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Quotes Donnalja left our farm as a flighty unbroke three year old but came back as a well trained seasoned show mare. We are thrilled with what Carrie accomplished with her. It was especially touching to see how Donnalja's eyes followed Carrie wherever she went. We have never had a mare exhibit such a special bond with their trainer before. I look forward to bringing Carrie another horse in the future to train or re-train for us. Quotes
Cheryl Johnson

Quotes When it came time for [my horse] and I to move up to third level, the most daunting task was the addition of flying lead changes . I could think of no one better to help Pete and I take it to the next level than Carrie Wilson! Carrie has a unique ability gained through her experience working with young horses to constantly take into account the individual needs and personalities of each horse she works with. Pete?s anxious and somewhat scatter-brained personality can sometimes make him a challenge to work with, but Carrie took it in stride and worked to find a routine and training program that made him most comfortable. [In just one week], his gaits had improved and he was starting to successfully do his first changes. Her ability to teach me in conjunction with Pete left me an improved and confident rider ready to make the jump to third level right with Pete. Even though Pete is now home, Carrie regularly checks in and is always willing to answer any questions. Quotes
Nicole Gallant

Quotes Carrie Wilson is a colleague and friend. I have gotten to know her over several years through my participation at WinterSpring Farm. I have always been impressed with the quiet grace in which Carrie handles each and every horse. I have witnessed her handle everything from FEI level sporthorses to unruly young horses and she handles all of them with kind but clear direction. She is a true professional and horsewomen. Quotes
Kimberly Bench

Quotes I sent my filly to Carrie last summer to train for her inspection and MPT. I had no confidence in the trainers in my area, so when Carrie was suggested as a young up and coming trainer, I took the chance. I'm glad that I did. Not only was my mare fully prepared, but she became a solid citizen. I was extremely happy with her progress and performance in her MPT and left her with Carrie for further training afterward. Carrie kept me informed of Sana'as progress and sent video and photos regularly. I have sent 2 more young fillies for prepping, knowing that their care and training is top notch. Quotes
Peg Lansing

Quotes Carrie Wilson has been with WinterSpring Farm for the past three years. During that time, she has started countless young horses, as well as schooled seasoned show hunters and upper level dressage horses. Carrie is a talented rider with a strong background in both hunter jumper and dressage. She is a valued asset to our farm and we wouldn't consider anyone else to start our youngsters! Quotes
Sue Thome